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When your disk drives are end of life our you migrated to a newer technology you should first remove all existing data from each individual drive before it leaves the door. The only safe way is that this is done at your premises because once the drives leave the door your data is readable by everyone.

It is a very quick way of removing data by making the hard disk unreadable and unuseable by using very high magnetic fields. You just need to give access to the subsystem or individual disks and there stops your job.

When your internal procedures are not allowing any information to leave your company you can also use this method for failed drives that are not even useable anymore by your systems and you cannot access to the drives for overwriting, but be assured that even on a failed drive your data is still reachable by specialized methodologies.



Just as with disk drives you should not have any tape leave your company without having removed the data. Using high magnetic fields is guaranteeing you that no data will ever be reproducable by anyone. Throwing your cardriges or tapes away without this process is leaving your data available for anyone else in the world. And since tape is written sequentially (mostly) it is even easier to get readable and useful data from a tape than from a RAID-written disk.

Degaussing can also be used for certain technologies to give a second life to your cardriges and tapes so you can save on your next purchases for expensive media.



  - Secure, auditable & certified removal of data

  - Extended life cycle of used tape and cartridges

  - Onsite so no data leaves your company