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Data is for every company the most critical asset and when technology is demanding to change disk drives it is often a choice of doing nothing or finding a solution to remove the data in a secure and guaranteed method. Especially when there is still value in the hard disks you need to use our eradication services.




It is 1 to many passes overwriting algorithm and process that will remove all data of you disks and return them in a working and reusable status. You will be able to reuse them within your next server platform or new technology disksubsystem or sell them onto the second hand market.




When you have a leasing agreement you specially need to pay attention you remove your data, but make sure at the same time that the equipment is not destroyed and having no value. You can avoid expensive penalties but without compromising your data.






  - Secure, auditable & certified removal of data


  - Extended life cycle of all disk drives


  - Ready to be used in your next disk subsystem or server


  - Value on the second hand market/Leasing company


  - Onsite so no data leaves your company