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  • Data is not based on technology but on the people that stored their ideas, findings, drawings at any time in history. Musea are full of old percaments. But people invented better and more efficient ways of storing data and to make this data the DNA of any corporation. Also increasing legal requirements are driving the need to further improve the technology to better store more data each day and most important to be able to access it when needed.


  • Since data is the DNA of every company it is also very important to keep the data inside the company or organisation. Massive investments are done to secure access to the data whilst it is in use. Backups and archiving are securely stored and/or securely vaulted. But, once the technology where the data is stored is becoming obsolete, also all security measures are becoming obsolete and part of the companies DNA is put into the street without security.


  • It is our aim to offer services that are looking at your data not only when it is created & used but also and most important when technology is changed.


  • Our services are aimed at : End-of-life services (eradication of disk and tape technology, degaussing of those technologies, scrapping), Recovery of data on all types of storage and both through software recovery or hardware restauration of your equipment