About AptiGu

Data life cycle management

Data security and data management don't stop when technology is replaced or broken.
data has a better idea

Our company provides more than 20 years experience in all fields of data management. From the early days of mainframe into the evolution to more server oriented and open systems solutions we provided Data Management expertise in all areas like Backup, Vaulting, Archiving, Virtualisation, Network access, Security, … working with many different solutions and customers on a local and international level.


From a sales & marketing perspective we can bring you a very wide expertise and experience in finding the right solution for your IT environment.


Technically we can rely on experienced and certified engineers who are all trained in a follow-through process to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers. For each service, a dedicated engineer is assigned who will follow the complete project until finish.


Our mission

  • Data is not based on technology but on the people that stored their ideas, findings, drawings at any time in history. Musea are full of old percaments. But people invented better and more efficient ways of storing data and to make this data the DNA of any corporation. Also increasing legal requirements are driving the need to further improve the technology to better store more data each day and most important to be able to access it when needed.
  • Since data is the DNA of every company it is also very important to keep the data inside the company or organisation. Massive investments are done to secure access to the data whilst it is in use. Backups and archiving are securely stored and/or securely vaulted. But, once the technology where the data is stored is becoming obsolete, also all security measures are becoming obsolete and part of the companies DNA is put into the street without security.
  • It is our aim to offer services that are looking at your data not only when it is created & used but also and most important when technology is changed.

    Our services

    Our services are aimed at:

    • End-of-life services (eradication of disk and tape technology, degaussing of those technologies, scrapping)
    • Recovery of data on all types of storage and both through software recovery or hardware restauration of your equipment 

    General conditions

    • All invoices are payable on the date of issue. Unless otherwise detailed on our specific invoice and are payable with bank transfer to our KBC account mentioned on all our invoices.
    • In case of remarks, dispute or other shortcoming that could appear, the recipient company has 15 days to let us know their remarks in writing after which we will investigate and come back to the receiver within 5 days. In no instance a complaint is giving the receiver any right to wait with payment of the invoice.
    • Invoices not paid in due time will automatically be increased with 2% per month and an additional administration fee of €250.00 euro.
    • All conflicts that would arise from doing business with AptiGu will be settled in the Courts of Dendermonde.
    • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, those conditions are always applicable.