Data is for every company the most critical asset and when technology is demanding to change disk drives it is often a choice of doing nothing or finding a solution to remove the data in a secure and guaranteed method. Especially when there is still value in the hard disks you need to use our eradication services.

It is 1 to many passes overwriting algorithm and process that will remove all data of you disks and return them in a working and reusable status. You will be able to reuse them within your next server platform or new technology disksubsystem or sell them onto the second hand market. 

When you have a leasing agreement you specially need to pay attention you remove your data, but make sure at the same time that the equipment is not destroyed and having no value. You can avoid expensive penalties but without compromising your data.



  •  Secure, auditable & certified removal of data
  • Extended life cycle of all disk drives
  • Ready to be used in your next disk subsystem or server
  • Value on the second hand market/Leasing company
  • Onsite so no data leaves your company



When your disk drives are end of life our you migrated to a newer technology you should first remove all existing data from each individual drive before it leaves the door. The only safe way is that this is done at your premises because once the drives leave the door your data is readable by everyone.

It is a very quick way of removing data by making the hard disk unreadable and unuseable by using very high magnetic fields. You just need to give access to the subsystem or individual disks and there stops your job. When your internal procedures are not allowing any information to leave your company you can also use this method for failed drives that are not even useable anymore by your systems and you cannot access to the drives for overwriting, but be assured that even on a failed drive your data is still reachable by specialized methodologies.



Just as with disk drives you should not have any tape leave your company without having removed the data. Using high magnetic fields is guaranteeing you that no data will ever be reproducable by anyone. Throwing your cardriges or tapes away without this process is leaving your data available for anyone else in the world. And since tape is written sequentially (mostly) it is even easier to get readable and useful data from a tape than from a RAID-written disk. Degaussing can also be used for certain technologies to give a second life to your cardriges and tapes so you can save on your next purchases for expensive media.



  • Secure, auditable & certified removal of data
  • Extended life cycle of used tape and cartridges
  • Onsite so no data leaves your company


Scrap: When your data is removed from tape and/or disk and you want that extra step in making sure that the technology cannot be accessed again, you can have your media destroyed by physically scrapping it.


This can either be done onsite before it leaves your company or can be done offsite after you used the degaussing service to make sure no data on the media is leaving you company.


Specialized equipment can be used to fysically destroy the media so normal access to the data is impossible.


We also offer a secured closed-loop service whereby an engineer is indexing all serial numbers and removes the media from the customer site to a secure environment where scrapping of the media is executed immediately and eyewithnessed by the engineer. A certification report is produced for the entire process.


Contact us to work out the best solution for your data safety and audit requirements. We will always make a customised proposal that fits the requirements in both security and budget.




  • Secure, auditable & certified removal of data
  • 100% physical guarantee media is destroyed
  • Onsite so no data leaves your company
  • We take care of all handling from degaussing till removal


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